How Do You Repair an Air Suspension System?


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To repair an air suspension system, first identify the actual problem and then repair or replace the malfunctioning component. Common problems with air suspension systems include defective compressors, worn out air fittings and damaged pressure switches.

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How Do You Repair an Air Suspension System?
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If the compressor is not working, first check to see if it is getting enough power. Examine the fuse and the relay running to the compressor. Replace blown fuses and faulty relays if necessary. If the problem persists, examine the pressure switch and thermal cut out switch. A thermal cut out switch is designed to shut down the compressor if it is too hot. If necessary, replace a defective pressure switch or thermal cut out switch.

If the air suspension system makes noise or vibrates, the compressor’s rubber mounts might be worn out and should be replaced accordingly. If the noise or vibration continues, check to see whether the mounting nuts are loose and tighten them if necessary. If the machine makes harsh rattling noises, the compressor might be defective and should be rebuilt or replaced as needed.

If an air suspension is leaking air, first examine the air fittings. Squirt soapy water on the air fitting, if the fitting bubbles, tighten or replace it as required. If the problem persists, inspect the digital pressure switch and control panel. If these repair methods do not fix the problem, contact an air suspension professional.

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