How to Your Repair an Admiral Clothes Dryer?


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To repair an Admiral clothes dryer, first identify the actual problem and then replace or clean the faulty component. Common issues with Admiral clothes dryers include defective thermostats, tripped circuit breakers and worn-out drum rollers.

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If an Admiral clothes dryer does not start, check whether it is plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. Replace any blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers. Inspect the electrical code for damage and eliminate the use of an extension if there is one. If the problem continues, test the start switch and door switch for continuity. Replace any of these parts if defective.

If a clothes dryer does not heat, the high limit thermostat or the cycling thermostat might be defective. A restricted vent can cause the high limit thermostat to trip, interrupting the circuit to the heating element. Clean a clogged a vent, and if the problem continues, replace any of the thermostats if defective. Use an ohmmeter to test the timer and heating element for continuity, and replace them if necessary.

If an Admiral clothes dryer is making noise, the belt or rollers might be damaged. Defective drum belts and rollers are irreparable and can only be replaced. If the noise continues, examine the idler pulley, blower wheel and drum bearing. Replace any of these components as needed to remedy the problem.

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