How Do You Repaint MDF Kitchen Cabinets?

In order to repaint MDF kitchen cabinets, remove the doors and hardware, thoroughly clean all surfaces, sand, apply two coats of primer and apply two coats of paint. Allow the cabinets and doors to dry completely between coats of paint, and then reattach the hardware and the doors to the cabinets.

MDF cabinets are porous, so when repainting the cabinets, choose an oil-based primer and paint to achieve the best results. To repaint MDF kitchen cabinets:

  1. Prepare the area
  2. If painting the whole cabinet, including the bases and doors, clean out the cabinets and remove the doors and hardware. Protect counters and flooring with drop cloths before painting.

  3. Clean
  4. Use a degreaser cleaner to clean all of the areas to be painted thoroughly.

  5. Sand
  6. Sand the cabinets and doors with 80-grit sandpaper to prepare the cabinets for painting. Repair any damage to the surfaces and fill any holes with wood putty. After the putty is dried, lightly sand the area until smooth.

  7. Apply primer
  8. Apply the oil-based primer with either a brush or paint sprayer. Allow the surface to dry completely, and then lightly sand and wipe clean. Apply a second coat of primer and allow to dry. Lightly sand again and wipe clean.

  9. Apply the paint
  10. Apply the first coat of oil-based paint. Allow to dry completely and then apply a second coat.

  11. Reassemble
  12. Allow the surfaces to dry completely, and then reattach the cabinet doors and hardware.