How Do You Repaint a Dresser?


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Prepare a dresser for repainting by removing the drawers and hardware, filling any holes with wood filler and sanding. Apply primer and then two or more coats of the finishing color. Install the new dresser hardware to complete the job.

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  1. Remove the drawers

    Remove the drawers from the dresser and set them aside. Throw away any debris.

  2. Unscrew the existing hardware

    Use a screwdriver to remove the existing hardware. Save the hardware and all parts if you plan to reuse them.

  3. Fill the holes

    If replacing the existing hardware with new, fill the holes left when you removed the hardware.

  4. Sand all painted surfaces

    Use fine sandpaper to sand all painted surfaces to remove the glaze. This step is essential in ensuring the primer adheres to the dresser.

  5. Spray on the primer

    Use primer in spray cans to prime all surfaces to be painted. Allow the primer to dry for two hours before proceeding.

  6. Apply the top coats

    Apply two thin top coats. Spread the first coat with a roller for a quick, smooth application. Apply the second coat using a brush to give the dresser a slightly textured finish.

  7. Install the hardware

    If using new hardware, drill the appropriate holes. Insert screws through the holes into the hardware and tighten until they are snug.

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