How Do You Repaint Your Cabinet Hinges?


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Repainting cabinet hinges involves removing the hinges from the cabinet, cleaning the hinges to remove old paint and dirt, and spraying the hinges with new paint. Allowing the paint to dry before replacing the hinges on the cabinet completes the process. Be sure to work in an open place to avoid inhaling toxic fumes from the paint.

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Start by gathering a screwdriver, metal cleaner, a drop cloth, a wire brush and spray paint. Gloves and a dry rag are also handy when completing this task. Once the necessary tools and materials are in place, use the screwdriver to unscrew the hinges from the cabinet and the cabinet doors. Immerse the hinges in the cleaner, and allow two hours of soaking to loosen dirt and old paint. Protect your hands with the gloves, remove the hinges from the cleaner and set them on the drop cloth.

Using the brush, rub over the hinges until they are free of the old paint and dirt before clearing the hinges of cleaner residue with a dry rag. Allow the hinges to dry completely before applying the paint evenly on both sides of the hinges, letting the paint dry on one side of the hinge before spraying the opposite side. Once the paint is dry, secure the hinges back onto the cabinet doors with screws, and replace the doors.

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