How Do You Rent a Wood Chipper?

Rent a wood chipper by visiting either the website or physical location of a major hardware store chain such as Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement or Ace Hardware. If you rent the wood chipper online, you reserve it and pick it up from the location nearest to you. Alternatively, many local hardware stores also rent tools and machinery. Call beforehand to confirm that the store has a wood chipper, reserve it if possible and swing by to pick it up.

The websites of the major hardware store chains are very helpful in the renting process. Not only do they provide a full listing of the tools available for rent, but they also indicate the rental prices, store locations where a specific tool can be found and the distance of that store from the renter's location.

Wood chipper rental prices vary depending on the tool model and the duration that the wood chipper is needed for. For example, Home Depot's Chipper 2" can be rented for $62 for a four-hour period, $89 for an entire day, $356 for a week and $1,068 for a month. Additionally, renters should be prepared to pay a deposit fee and the appropriate taxes.

For more heavy duty wood chippers, prospective renters should shop around their local communities. Typically, the companies that carry industrial wood chippers are not major chains. Two possibilities that are major chains, however, are Sun Belt Rentals and United Rentals. Both companies have stores across the United States and even have locations in Canada, but they do not have excellent coverage, particularly in the western part of the country.