How Do You Rent an Upholstery Cleaning Appliance?


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Rental upholstery cleaning appliances are generally attachments to carpet cleaning tools and are available at many grocery, home improvement and equipment rental stores. Rental machines are available for periods ranging from a few hours to a week. Some stores include the upholstery tool in the cost of renting the machine, while others require an additional charge for the tool. Some stores require customers to leave a deposit for the machine.

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The effectiveness of these machines varies greatly, even among machines from the same rental agency. Examine the available machines, and choose the one that has the least wear. Check the brushes on the machine and the upholstery tool for excess wear. If all the machines at a store seem well-used, consider driving to another store to rent the device.

When using the machine, consumers should avoid saturating the furniture with more water than the machine can remove. The ability to remove water from furniture is one of the biggest differences between professional and rental equipment. Professionals can do a deep clean using machines with more powerful suction. With rental devices, users must avoid soaking the pad under the upholstery. If any part of the piece remains wet longer than two days, there is a risk of mildew growth.

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