How Do You Rent a Portable Toilet?


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Rent portable toilets by contacting national service area companies such as Waste Management, United Site Services or National Construction Rentals. Additionally, larger cities often feature local or regional portable toilet rental companies that provide a similar service to a smaller area.

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When renting a portable toilet, a contract is signed indicating the type and number of units, the length of time it is needed and the agreed-upon price. Generally, these rental companies include a weekly service visit from a technician to dispose of any accumulated waste and replenish consumables such as toilet paper.

Portable toilets conveniently provide a private and sanitary method of human waste disposal in remote or undeveloped areas. Construction job sites often use these units for work crews prior to the establishment of plumbing in a structure.

Companies that provide portable toilets often offer a variety of styles. The most commonly used type is a single-stall toilet unit only designed to collect human waste. Others include trailer-sized stations that feature multiple toilets, running water from a storage tank or electrical hook-ups for lighting. Other amenities include crane hooks to allow construction site placement in otherwise inaccessible locations or towable units designed for road work scenarios. National Construction Rentals offers deluxe comfort stations and VIP restrooms, often decorated and featuring hot running water, multiple toilets and more interior room.

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