How Do You Rent a Dumpster?


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To rent a dumpster, determine the right size of dumpster, and search for a local company that offers dumpster rentals. It is also important to find out if any permits are needed to park the dumpster.

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Start by considering the available sizes of dumpsters, as they come in sizes that typically range from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Smaller dumpsters are ideal for minor remodeling projects, such as doing some renovations in a bathroom or small bedroom. Major renovations in multiple rooms of the home usually call for one of the larger dumpsters.

After determining the right size, look for dumpster companies in the area that offer those sizes. Search for a company that has earned positive ratings and offers drop-off and pick-up services to streamline the process.

Before finalizing any rental agreement, check with local authorities to find out if the dumpster can be parked in the street or if a permit is needed.

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