How Do You Rent a Brush Hog?


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Rent a brush hog by contacting UnitedRentals.com, SunbeltRentals.com, HomeDepot.com or NickellRental.com to set up a pick up and return date, as well as pay the necessary fees, as of 2016. To find the closest location of all of these retailers, enter a ZIP code into the website.

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UnitedRentals.com has brush hogs available for rent, and the company offers a quote for those who have interest in rentals. There is also an online chat feature where a quote is available, or simply call the company to set up the rental.

SunbeltRentals.com also has rental brush hogs, and to see the availability and rates, enter a location into the site. After entering a ZIP code, the rates for brush hog rental appear, and the rental times range from a minimum of four hours to four weeks. Delivery from SunbeltRentals.com is also available for a fee.

Brush hog rental is also available from HomeDepot.com, and to see the rates and availability, enter a ZIP code. After entering, the rates for the chosen location appear, and there is an additional fee for a deposit. HomeDepot.com rents brush hogs for a minimum of four hours, but also rents for the day, week or four weeks.

Rental brush hogs are also available from NickellRental.com, and quotes are available online. The minimum rental time is four hours, but it is possible to rent for up to four weeks or more.

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