How Do You Rent a Bed?

How Do You Rent a Bed?

Rent a bed by visiting a store, such as Aaron's, either online or in person. Choose a bed, fill out the application and pay the amount required.

Aaron's offers customers an easy rental plan and affordable monthly payments. Leasing is available at any Aaron's location or on the company's website.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the Aaron's home page and click "Shop Furniture."

  3. Find a bed
  4. Find a bed by browsing through the listings of available inventory.

  5. Begin rental process
  6. After selecting a bed, click the green "Get Started" button. Enter a ZIP code.

  7. Lease
  8. Click the green "Lease Online" button.

  9. Fill in the information
  10. Provide information such as name, delivery address and email address in the spaces provided. Click the blue "Continue" button.

  11. Review the payment schedule
  12. After clicking "Continue" review the payment information that appears on the screen. Verify the payment amount and due date. When satisfied, click "Continue."

  13. Enter lease information
  14. Enter customer information such as a Social Security number, personal references, source of income and bank account information. When finished, click "Continue."

  15. Make the first payment
  16. On the next screen, make the first payment using a credit or debit card or a bank account. Click "Continue."

  17. Verify the details
  18. Verify the details and delivery date and click "Submit" to order the bed.