How Do You Renovate Your Shower?

How Do You Renovate Your Shower?

How Do You Renovate Your Shower?

Renovate your shower by washing the shower stall thoroughly, removing the old caulk, cleaning the area with a professional-grade cleaner, applying thin layers of paint, and allowing the paint to cure.

  1. Wash the shower stall

    Start by putting on rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Wash the shower stall with water. Allow the area to dry completely.

  2. Remove the caulk

    Use a putty knife or a flat head screwdriver to remove the caulk from the area around the pan. Dispose of the old caulk. Wipe the shower pan with paper towels.

  3. Clean the shower stall

    Use a professional-grade cleaner, a sponge and a brush to clean the shower stall. Remove dirt, grease, mold, hair, mildew and debris. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry the area with paper towels.

  4. Paint the shower pan

    Apply tape on the area around the pan and the drain area. Cover the walls with plastic sheets. Use epoxy paint to paint the shower pan. Follow the product instructions before mixing and using the paint. Apply several thin layers of paint. Sand the area with sandpaper between coats. Dust the area with paper towels to remove sand dust. Allow the paint to dry. Apply a top coat for additional protection against damage, cracks and stains.

  5. Maintain the shower stall

    Ensure that the shower stall stays clean by cleaning it periodically.