How Do I Renovate a Barn, and What Are the Costs?

renovate-barn-costs Credit: Bruce Leighty/Photolibrary/Getty Images

To renovate a barn, determine which aspects of the barn require repairs and create a flexible blueprint for the renovations. The costs may vary significantly based on the types of renovations completed.

Renovating a barn into a habitable home may require installing windows and insulation and often includes additional support beams. Paneling or another type of wall board and flooring are also necessary additions. The materials used in the renovation and the size of the barn can be used to determine the cost of materials. For instance, hardwood flooring may be more costly than installing carpeting. Plumbing and electrical wiring should be included in the estimated costs.

Many regions in the United States require a building permit before renovating buildings. The cost of licensing and fees may vary depending on the city or state of residence. In addition to building permits, homeowners may be required to have the building inspected for safety. Inspections may include an assessment of the plumbing, electrical system and overall safety of the building, and they can cost several thousand dollars after each required inspection and permit is obtained.

Foundation repairs can cost up to $25,000 as of 2014, depending on the integrity of the current foundation and the types of repairs needed. Renovations to make the barn habitable for animals are often less costly than turning a barn into a home and opting for reclaimed materials can reduce the budget for both types of renovations.