How do you remove yellow stains?


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Remove yellow perspiration stains from delicate fabrics by wetting the stain with a wet spotter, applying a few drops of ammonia, placing a paper towel saturated with the spotter on the stain to draw it out, and washing as usual. Drawing out the stain avoids scrubbing that could cause further damage.

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  1. Wet the stain with the wet spotter

    Mix one part glycerin, one part white dish washing detergent and eight parts water to make the wet spotter. Store the solution in a plastic squeeze bottle. Saturate the yellow stain with the spotter.

  2. Apply ammonia

    Yellow perspiration stains contain urea, which is soluble in ammonia. Put a few drops of ammonia on the moist garment to assist the spotter in loosening the stain.

  3. Cover with a damp paper towel

    Wet a white paper towel with the spotter, and place it on top of the stain. Allow the paper towel to draw out the stain. Check the stain regularly for removal. Keep the towel and garment wet by applying more liquid as necessary.

  4. Wash the garment as usual

    For delicate fabrics, choose the appropriate cycle on the washing machine, or hand wash and dry the garment following the directions on the manufacturer's care label.

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