How Do You Remove Wrinkles From a Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth?

Vinyl tablecloths often have fold marks from being in the package or storage. Try the following steps to remove the wrinkles from your flannel backed vinyl tablecloth.

  1. Leave it flat on the table

    Often the wrinkles go away if you unfold the tablecloth on the table and leave it there a few days. Heat helps the process, so if the dining room gets warm when you bake, try laying out the cloth on a day when you are using the oven. It may also help to use a sponge dipped in hot water to wash the tablecloth and press out the wrinkles.

  2. Use the dryer

    Place the tablecloth in the dryer on the lowest heat setting with a couple of damp towels. The heat of the dryer along with steam from the towels helps to release the wrinkles. Stay next to the dryer, but limit the time between checking the tablecloth to see if the wrinkles are gone. Check for warnings on your dryer before attempting this method.

  3. Iron the tablecloth

    Set the iron to the lowest setting and use a pressing cloth or damp towel to iron the tablecloth from the back. Keep your iron moving to avoid melting the vinyl.