How Do You Remove Wrinkles From a Pool Liner?

Though there are several alternatives for removing wrinkles from a pool liner, the simplest way is to use a plunger to apply suction to the liner. The only tool required is a plunger. Most wrinkles are quickly removed, with the total time required depending upon the number of wrinkles.

  1. Heat the pool water

    If possible, heat the pool water to soften the liner. If the pool is not equipped with a heater, pick a warm day to attempt wrinkle removal.

  2. Locate the most severe wrinkles

    Climb into the pool and check the severity of the wrinkles. If the wrinkles are on the bottom of the pool, use your feet to feel them. Note the largest wrinkles.

  3. Apply the plunger to the liner

    Place the end of the plunger on the liner close to a large wrinkle. Apply downward pressure until suction is established. Pull up on the plunger. The liner should pull up slightly with the pressure, allowing the wrinkle to disperse.

  4. Use pressure to finish wrinkle removal

    Once the largest wrinkles have been removed, smooth out smaller wrinkles by applying light pressure on them, either with your hand or by using a water hose. Direct the force of the water hose to the wrinkle, gently forcing it out.