How Do You Remove Wood Paneling From Walls?

Wood paneling that has been fixed to walls can be removed by prying it away from the wall. If the paneling was fixed to the wall with glue, an adhesive remover might be needed. No other special tools are required, and it is a job that can be undertaken by anyone.

  1. Check the wall
  2. Before any paneling is removed it is advisable to check the wall under the paneling, if possible. It could be plaster or drywall, or it might be just studs and insulation. This will indicate what might be required to remove it, and what steps will need to be taken once it is removed.
  3. Pry it away from the wall
  4. The paneling can be pried away from the wall using a crowbar or something similar. This should be done slowly and careful to minimize any damage to the wall underneath. The paneling is likely to be fixed by either nails or glue. If it is nails, pop them out as the paneling comes away from the wall. Glued paneling might take a bit more effort.
  5. Remove remaining traces of glue and repair the wall
  6. Once the paneling is off traces of glue can remain, but these can be removed using commercially available adhesive remover. Nail holes should be filled too.