How Do You Remove Window Tint?

How Do You Remove Window Tint?

To remove window tint, gather all the required materials, and peel the tint away either by steaming it or scraping it loose. Clean any remaining adhesive from the glass.

  1. Gather the materials

    To remove tinted film from any window get a scraper or steel blade. Use a new blade, as an old blade may scratch the glass. It is best to have at least five blades available. Also needed are some soapy water and sponge, fine steel wool, a hair dryer or clothes steamer and a basic razor.

  2. Heat and peel off the tinted film.

    Use a fingernail or the razor and blades to dig out a corner of the film. Gently peel away a small portion making sure to get the entire film and not just the top colored layer. If the adhesive layer is not peeled off simultaneously the rest of the work can get messy. Use the hair dryer or steamer to gently heat the area as it is peeled The heat loosens the glue so that the film comes off entirely or in large strips.

  3. Clean and polish the window

    Use the fine steel wool to gently rub away any remaining bits of adhesive and film. Clean the glass with the soapy water and soap. Polish with a soft towel, newspaper or micro-fiber cloth.