How Do You Remove Window Film?

There are several ways to remove window film, but one of the most common is using a razor scraper to remove it manually. Depending on the film type kind of adhesive and length of time the film has been in place, the process is often labor intensive.

Heating the film helps to loosen the adhesive. Options to heat the glass include using a clothing steamer or blow dryer. With an automobile, parking in the sun or placing black plastic garbage bags over the glass often provides enough heat to cause it to melt.

As of 2015, manufacturers use polyvinyl chloride for most window film. However, you may encounter polyethylene terephthalate film when trying to remove window film. PET film is much more difficult to remove than PVC film. With either type of film, cutting through the media with a knife results in smaller and more manageable pieces to remove.

Upon removing the film, owners commonly encounter adhesive that remains stuck to the glass. Remove the adhesive using the scraper. For dried adhesive that is difficult to remove, apply an ammonia-based glass cleaner and allow it to sit for a few minutes to dissolve the glue. Scrape the adhesive and polish the glass until you remove the final traces of the window film.