How Do You Remove Window Blinds?

remove-window-blinds Credit: Bambu Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

To remove window blinds, take down any curtains, valances and other window treatments, then detach the brackets or clips of the window blinds from their mountings, take down the headrail and blinds and remove the mountings from the window surround. The precise method for removing window blinds depends on the material and the manufacturer.

If the blinds are large or mounted in high areas, ask a friend or relative to assist with the project.

Step 1: Remove all other window treatments.

Valances, shades and curtains obscure the area where the window blinds are attached to the wall. Removing them provides unfettered access to the brackets and mountings. Then, raise the blinds so they are completely flush against the headrail for easier management.

Step 2: Unclip window blinds

Most window blinds feature a headrail (a horizontal bar) from which the actual blinds are hung. This headrail is attached to the mountings with clips or brackets. Unclip or unsnap them from the mountings, then take the blinds down.

Step 3: Remove mountings

Unscrew the mountings from the wall or window surround with a screwdriver. If the blinds will not be rehung at a later date, the holes can be filled with joint compound.

Each manufacturer should provide customers with instructions for mounting and taking down window blinds. It is best to follow these individual instructions to avoid damaging the blinds or voiding any warranty.