How Do You Remove a Window?

To remove a window, score a line around the interior of the window to separate the casing from the reveal board, and carefully remove the siding that surrounds the window. Remove the caulk, and cut off the nails that hold the window in place before finally removing the window.

  1. Separate the casing

    Using a utility knife, score around the window casing from the interior wall. With a hammer and chisel, detach the casing from the reveal board.

  2. Remove the exterior siding

    From the outside, gently pry off the siding that surrounds the window. Using a hammer and a pry bar, start at the bottom, and lift the siding up to expose the nails. Remove the nails that hold the siding in place, and set the siding aside. Once the new window is installed, you can replace the siding.

  3. Take out the old window

    To prevent breakage, apply contact tape or heavy-duty masking tape to the window. First, remove the old caulk from around the seams. Then, cut off the old nails with a reciprocating saw or mini-hacksaw, or remove them with a cat's paw. At this point, lift the old window out of the opening. Many windows can be removed in one piece, but depending on the type of window, you may need to remove each part individually.