How Do You Remove Wax From Wood?


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To remove wax from a wood surface, harden the wax with ice cubes, and scrape it away with a spoon. Remove wax from wood grooves by melting the wax with an iron through a brown paper bag. Melt any remaining wax with a hair dryer, and blot it with a soft cloth.

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  1. Harden and scrape off wax from the wood surface

    For soft wax, pack a plastic bag with ice cubes, and place the bag over the wax. Allow the cubes to harden the wax for a few minutes to facilitate removal. Once the wax is hard, scrape it off with a spoon, taking caution not to gouge the wood surface. If the wax softens during scraping, freeze it again, and scrape until it disappears.

  2. Remove wax from the grooves

    Cover the grooves with a brown paper bag, and place a slightly warm preheated steamless iron over the paper for 10 seconds. Repeat the process as needed until all the wax melts out of the grooves. For the wax that lays deeper in the grooves, repeat the same process, but cover the wax a soft cloth instead of a brown paper bag.

  3. Apply a dryer

    Melt down any wax remnants by blowing it with a hair dryer. Blot away the melted wax with a clean soft cloth, and repeat the process as needed for better results.

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