How Do You Remove Wax From Fabric?

remove-wax-fabric Credit: Vida Images/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Dried and hardened spots of wax on fabric can be removed by rubbing the spot with vegetable oil, dabbing the excess oil with a towel and then washing according to manufacturer instructions. Another method involves placing the fabric in the freezer and then crumbling the frozen wax off of the fabric. A third method involves pouring boiling water over the fabric to melt the wax.

Sometimes, larger wax stains cannot be easily removed with the above-mentioned processes. Larger areas of wax can be removed from fabric in a few steps.

  1. Remove excess wax
  2. Take a dull knife and scrape the excess wax off the fabric. Be mindful not to be too harsh on the fabric, especially if it is a delicate material.

  3. Protect fabric from heat and iron
  4. Place the fabric between two paper towels or paper bags. Iron the material over the paper to heat the wax and melt it. The wax will transfer to the paper. If the fabric is delicate, be sure to use a very low heat setting on the iron.

  5. Repeat the process until the wax is removed
  6. Continue to replace the paper as it soaks up the wax. Once the paper no longer soaks up wax, wash the fabric per the manufacturer instructions.