How Do You Remove Wax on Fabric?


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Ways to remove wax from fabric include using a dollop of vegetable oil, putting the fabric in the freezer, and ironing the fabric between two pieces of paper towel. The best method to remove the wax depends on the size of the stain.

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Remove smaller spots of hardened wax by rubbing a drop of vegetable oil on the stain, wiping off any excess oil with a paper towel and then washing the fabric as usual. Another method for removing small amounts of hardened wax on fabric involves putting the fabric in the freezer until the wax is cold and brittle enough to break off. Afterward, secure the fabric over a large bowl with a rubber band, placing the stain in the middle. Pour boiling water over the fabric to melt the rest of the wax off before the fabric is laundered.

For bigger stains that have worked their way into the fabric, scrape some of the wax off with a dull knife before ironing the spot between two sheets of paper towel. Replace the paper towels as the wax is absorbed into them, until all the wax has melted off. If a stain remains after all the wax has melted, spray the fabric with spot-lifter before laundering.

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