How Do You Remove Wax From Clothing?


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Harden the candle wax so that excess wax can be scraped free of the clothing. After scraping, blot excess wax then use an iron and paper towels to remove the rest of the wax. Next apply laundry detergent to stain and wash to remove it.

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How Do You Remove Wax From Clothing?
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Hardened candle wax is easier to scrape and eliminates the wax spreading further. If the wax is not hard, place the garment in the freezer to harden. Use a dull knife to scrape the hard wax off the clothing. Next, place the article of clothing between white paper towels. Use a warm iron and gently press the fabric to loosen and transfer the candle wax from the clothing to the paper towels. Replace the paper towels frequently as they pick up the stain, and make sure the iron is on a warm setting and not the steam setting. Sponge the affected area with a previously wash stain remover and rinse with cold water. Apply detergent and massage it into the stain. Launder the clothing in hot water with bleach that is safe for the color of the fabric. Check the clothing before drying to ensure successful stain removal. If the stain remains, mix one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water, and apply directly to the stain using a sponge. Allow the mixture to set for a few minutes, rinse with cold water and wash the clothing again.

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