How Do You Remove Water Stains From Marble?

How Do You Remove Water Stains From Marble?

Gently buff the water stain with an etch remover developed for marble surfaces. Very light water marks can be buffed away with just a dry fine grade of steel wool.

Water marks can mar the surface of a beautiful piece of marble. Luckily, these are not true stains, but just mild damage caused by a reaction to something in the water, either an acid or a hard mineral. Removing the water mark is as simple as buffing it with a marble stone abrasive.

  1. Pour a small amount of abrasive
  2. Pour about a tablespoon of marble etch remover over the water stain. These removers are available in the local hardware store and are used to polish marble stone.

  3. Buff the water stain
  4. Use a clean rag to gently rub the etch remover into the water stain. Rub the water mark for approximately 3 minutes to buff away most water stains. Wipe up the etch remover.

  5. Repeat for more severe water stains
  6. Repeat the buffing step two or three more times with etch remover at 3-minute intervals each time for deeper water stains. If the etch remover dries out while working, add a little water to it.

  7. Buff with a steel pad
  8. Remove very light water stains or finish up buffing with a fine grade steel wool pad.