How Do You Remove Water Stains From a Couch?

Water stains turn beautiful couches into eyesores. However, by acting quickly and using the proper stain remover, you can restore your couch to its unstained glory.

  1. Act quickly

    Stains are much more difficult to get out once they have set, so if you spill water, get to work immediately. Saving the chore for later makes getting rid of the stain much more difficult, if not impossible.

  2. Do not drench the couch

    It may be tempting to use more water to spread and dilute the stain or to soak the cushions in a cleaner, but doing this makes the stain worse. Targeted cleaning with a damp cloth is more effective.

  3. Use the appropriate cleaner

    If you have a microfiber couch, use a baby wipe. For leather and suede, you may need to purchase a specialty cleaner. For other types of couches, try a 3:1 ratio of baking powder to club soda or denatured alcohol; just make sure to test it on a small patch first.

  4. Speed up the drying process

    Dry the couch quickly after cleaning it. Turn on a fan if you have one, or you can even use a hair dryer on certain spots that are wetter than others.