How Do You Remove Wallpaper From Drywall?


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Remove wallpaper by locating a loose corner, lifting it, and using a metal putty knife to help remove the facing paper from the wall. Apply hot water with a sponge to the backing to dissolve the glue. Remove the backing, and wash any remaining glue from the wall.

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  1. Locate a loose corner

    Look for loose paper near the corners of the room or under the faceplates for switches and electrical outlets. Use a thin, metal putty knife to work under the paper and lift it from the wall. For difficult to remove wallpaper, use a scoring tool to cut through the paper to allow the water to penetrate.

  2. Apply hot water

    Use a sponge to apply hot water to any remaining wallpaper. Be careful not to saturate the drywall. Allow the water to stand a few minutes to dissolve the glue, then work with a scraper to remove as much of the backing as possible. A gel wallpaper remover is useful for removing any remaining paper.

  3. Wash the wall

    Once you remove all the backing, work to dissolve the glue, and rinse it from the wall. Use sponges and hot water for the task. Once the wall is dry, sand any irregularities you discover, and fill them with an appropriate drywall filler.

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