How Do You Remove a Wallpaper Boarder?

Methods of wallpaper border removal include using a hairdryer, misting with a spray bottle, soaking with water or using a wallpaper steamer. Work from the bottom of the border toward the top and keep a sponge handy to wipe any spills from the wall.

Try the hairdryer for removal before adding any moisture to the border. It works by drying out the glue and loosening the paper border. Once the border is warm, lift a corner, and pull gently to remove it. If it does not loosen, try one of the wet methods.

Some glues loosen with a mist of water, while others need something stronger to dissolve the adhesive. Some removal experts recommend adding vinegar to the spray, but it leaves a lingering smell. Commercial spray products are useful in some cases.

Using a sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water sometimes works when misting does not. The sponge adds more moisture than is possible with the spray bottle. For vinyl borders, use a wallpaper perforation tool to ensure the water soaks through the cover to dissolve the glue.

Steam is sometimes helpful when other attempts fail. A clothing steamer works in some cases, but a wallpaper steamer is usually a better option. While inexpensive models are available for purchase, tool rental stores also rent the units.