How Do You Remove Wall Paneling Glue?

The main ways to remove wall paneling glue are to scrape it off, apply heat so it can be manipulated easier, or use a commercial adhesive remove. This type of glue is not made to come off easily so caution should be exercised to ensure walls or panels are not damaged.

Follow these steps in order to remove wall paneling glue.

  1. Scrape
  2. The first step is to scrape as much of the glue off as possible. Use a flat-edge tool, and be prepared to put in some elbow grease as it can be hard work.
  3. Loosen
  4. If there is still glue remaining, it is possible to try loosening it using acetone or paint stripper. Make sure the substance is tested in a small area that is not easily visible in case it has a negative reaction and damages the wall or panel. Once the acetone or paint stripper has been applied, try scraping it again.
  5. Heat
  6. Another method that can be tried to remove any remaining traces of the paneling glue is to apply heat. This is usually achieved by holding a hair dryer on its highest setting. This should soften the glue enough to make it easier to remove.
  7. Commercial adhesive remover
  8. Commercial adhesive removers are available. Most work in about 30 minutes, and they can remove glue from wood, metal and masonry.