How Do You Remove Wall Decals?


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Remove adhesive wall decals by heating with a blow dryer, grabbing one corner and peeling the decal off the wall in one piece. Continue applying heat as you peel to soften the glue. Once you remove the decal, use your fingertips to rub the adhesive from the wall.

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  1. Apply heat to the sticker

    Use a blow dryer to melt the adhesive enough that you can grasp one corner of the vinyl decal. Keep the dryer moving so it does not melt the vinyl itself. Do not try to soak the decal off with water, as the plastic face prevents water from loosening the glue and the wet wall is more likely to suffer damage.

  2. Lift one corner

    Use a fingernail or a thin putty knife to work under one corner of the decal. Continue working until you lift enough to grasp the artwork.

  3. Peel the decal

    Work slowly and patiently, continuing to apply heat to the area that is still stuck to the wall. As the adhesive melts, gentle pressure should pull it from the wall. If possible, remove the decal in one piece. If it begins to tear, slow down, and apply more heat. If necessary, work from the other side, to loosen a new corner to peel the decal.

  4. Remove the adhesive

    Most of the remaining adhesive should rub off the wall with your fingertips. If necessary, spray any remaining adhesive with an ammonia and water mixture, and remove the adhesive with a towel.

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