How Do You Remove Vinyl Siding?

How Do You Remove Vinyl Siding?

How Do You Remove Vinyl Siding?

Removal of vinyl siding begins with locating the damaged vinyl you wish to remove. Detach the pieces next to the damaged piece to create room for its removal. Remove the anchoring nails and then extract the damaged vinyl siding.

  1. Locate the vinyl siding to be removed

    Locate a piece of vinyl siding on top of the one you wish to remove. Go to the end of that piece, either near a channel surrounding a window or a sliding corner piece. Locate a flat notch under the piece above the one you want to remove. Insert the tip of a zip tool and pull down the tool as you twist it gently. Tug the upper section of the vinyl firmly and pull it down to unlock it from other pieces attached. Pull until the entire piece hangs freely. Expose the top by lifting the detached section of the siding you wish to remove.

  2. Remove the anchoring nails

    Use a claw hammer or nail punch set to pull out the anchoring nails holding the damaged piece of vinyl sliding. Unlock the damaged piece and free it from other surrounding pieces. If you don’t want to remove the whole piece, make some vertical marks along the damaged part to guide you in its extraction.

  3. Remove the unanchored piece of siding

    Pull down the damaged piece of vinyl siding as you pull it away from the piece holding it in place. If it does not come off easily, use the zip tool. Pull the pieces far away from the house to give room for cutting the damaged part along the marks using tin snips.