How Do You Remove Vinyl Flooring From Concrete?

Remove vinyl flooring from concrete by heating up the flooring with a heat gun to break the adhesive bond and then prying the vinyl surface off with a putty knife. After removal of the flooring, grind off any remaining adhesive using a floor grinder.

  1. Prepare for removal

    Open all windows and doors from the room to provide additional ventilation, as the process of removal can dislodge dust and emit fumes. Eye protection, heavy work gloves and a dust mask are also needed during the removal process. To protect the knees, wear a pair of knee pads.

  2. Pry up the flooring

    Locate a piece of flooring that is already slightly dislodged from the concrete surface below. If none of the vinyl flooring is already dislodges, then begin at the edge of the flooring or cut a slit through the flooring using a utility knife. Place the corner of a putty knife beneath the dislodged portion and press the vinyl upwards, working the flat of the putty knife beneath the vinyl.

  3. Heat the flooring

    Heat the adjacent vinyl still stuck to the concrete with a heat gun on low setting, held about 2-inches from the surface of the vinyl. The heat from the heat gun liquefies the adhesive holding the flooring in place, allowing you to press forward with the putty knife.

  4. Remove the flooring

    Continue the upwards pressure with the flat of the knife, grabbing the disconnected vinyl flooring in your other hand to help pull it off. The vinyl flooring tears away in pieces as you pull. Replace the putty knife with a floor scraper if dealing with a large area of flooring to speed up the process. Continue the process until the entire piece of flooring needing removal is pulled from the concrete. Sweep up and bag the broken vinyl pieces.

  5. Remove the adhesive

    Run a floor grinder over the cleared concrete to remove all traces of adhesive left on the surface. Push the grinder in lines across the floor, overlapping each line with the next to make certain all of the adhesive is ground away. Sweep up the ground adhesive.