How Do You Remove a Vaseline Stain From a Carpet?

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, so in order to remove a stain in a carpet, rubbing alcohol, a form of washing detergent or hydrogen peroxide is necessary, and it should be applied after the excess petroleum jelly has been scooped up and removed. Acting quickly is the key to ensuring that no permanent stains remain on the carpet, as the longer a stain is left, the harder it will be to remove.

Following the steps below should effectively remove any staining caused by a Vaseline or petroleum jelly spillage:

  1. Clear any excess
  2. Any excess spillage should be removed using a cloth or paper towel. Once removed, apply the rubbing alcohol to a cloth (cotton wool works equally well) and gently dab the stained area until it is clear. Do not use a circular rubbing motion, as this may damage the carpet. If the stain is not completely removed, continue with the next step.

  3. Apply detergent
  4. Detergent should be mixed with water and should not be used if it contains bleach. Use gentle blotting and dabbing motions on the stain until it has been removed.

  5. Clean with water
  6. Once the stain appears clean, spray water on the area and dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel.