How Do You Remove Tree Stumps Using Chemicals?

To remove a tree stump using chemicals, drill holes into the stump, and fill them with tree stump removal granules and water. The chemicals in these pellets speed up the rotting process.

Before using chemicals, make sure you remove as much of the stump as possible, as the process can take weeks. Follow the instructions on the label of the stump remover, and try to space the holes on the stump as evenly as possible. Use a long drill bit to drill at least 8 to 10 inches deep. A 3/4-inch-wide drill bit ensures that the holes are wide enough.

Most tree stump removal formulas use potassium nitrate, which speeds the rotting process significantly. After approximately four to six weeks, the wood should turn spongy and soft, making it easy to remove with an ax or other tools. Since the wood is permanently damaged by this process, feel free to wait even longer to make removal easier.

Instead of removing the rotted wood manually, you can also smolder it into charcoal. Pour kerosene or fuel oil into the holes you drilled and wait; the liquid might take weeks to spread throughout the wood. Use a match to light the soaked wood. Because the stump can smolder for days, make sure the area is properly marked off, and keep pets and children away. Once the stump has stopped smoldering, remove the charcoal.