How Do You Remove Tree Roots?

How Do You Remove Tree Roots?

Remove tree roots by hand or with machinery or chemicals. Depending on the removal method, some roots might remain in the ground, but it is important to remove the stump to avoid suckering and root fungus.

  1. Research removal methods

    Tree stumps and roots can be removed chemically, by hand or with machinery. If the tree roots are visible, they are shallow enough to be dug up by hand using a shovel, axe or other tool. If the root system is not visible, remove the tree stump and its roots with a backhoe. If a backhoe is not a feasible option, speed up the decomposition of the root system by applying chemicals.

  2. Remove the roots by hand

    Use a shovel to expose smaller, shallow roots. Cut the roots with an axe, and pull them out with a grub hoe.

  3. Pull up roots with a backhoe

    Because a backhoe is a heavy piece of machinery, its use is expensive and can cause damage to your property, so use caution. Hire a professional to operate a backhoe to remove large stumps with deep roots.

  4. Speed up the decomposition process

    If the roots cannot be dug up and you do not want to use a backhoe, visit a garden center to buy chemicals that speed up the decomposition of the roots.