How Do You Remove the Top From a GE Dryer?


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The procedure to remove the dryer lid is fairly simple and requires a screwdriver. Disconnect the dryer from the power source before beginning to remove the lid. This step is important not only to prevent any personal injury, but also to ensure that the heating element does not short out.

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There are two basic styles of GE dryers, those made prior to 1997, and those manufactured during and after 1997. The older models have a darker colored drum on the inside, while the newer models have a light drum. The procedure for removing the lids is slightly different, so it is important to identify which style is on hand.

In both models, the first step is the same: open the dryer door and locate the screws pointing up at the top of the dryer underneath the lid. Unscrew and remove these using the screwdriver. In the older model, the next step is to lift the lid and lean it backward on its hinges against the wall. The front part also lifts off in the newer style dryer, but the timer and console stay mounted in place. It may be necessary to shift the lid slightly to the left to release it from underneath the console.

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