How Do You Remove Tomato Sauce Stains From Carpet?

Remove tomato sauce stains from carpet by treating the stain with water and white vinegar or lemon juice. Dampen the carpet, blot the stain with a rag soaked in the solution, and repeat as needed.

  1. Dampen the carpet

    Spray the stained area with water from a misting bottle. Use cool water to avoid further setting of the stain.

  2. Treat the stain with something acidic

    Wet a rag with lemon juice or white vinegar, and dab at the carpet, working the stain out as you go. Wipe off any sauce that comes up from the stain with a dry rag. Repeat this process until all sauce has been lifted from the carpet fibers.

  3. Dry the carpet thoroughly

    Dry the carpet after treatment by pressing on it firmly with dry towels. Damp carpets tend to draw dirt, making your previously stained area vulnerable to new stains.