How Do You Remove a Toilet?

How Do You Remove a Toilet?

Remove a toilet by shutting off the water supply valve, flushing the tank repeatedly, sponging away remaining water and removing the closet bolts. Disconnect the water supply, lift the toilet off the plumbing stack and remove the wax ring.

  1. Turn off the supply valve

    Turn off the water supply to the toilet. If there is no supply valve or it does not turn, you must turn off the water main for the home.

  2. Flush the toilet repeatedly

    Press the flush valve and allow the water to drain. Repeat the process several times until the water levels no longer decrease.

  3. Sponge away remaining water

    Use a sponge to remove any remaining water from the tank and bowl of the toilet. Squeeze the sponge into a bucket for disposal. Continue the process until most of the water is gone from both the bowl and tank.

  4. Remove the closet bolts

    The closet bolts are located on the base of the toilet and often under plastic caps. Lift the caps and unscrew the bolts to loosen the bowl.

  5. Disconnect the water supply line

    Use a crescent wrench to disconnect the water line from the toilet. Place a bucket under the connection to catch any water that drips out of the tank.

  6. Lift the toilet

    Grab the bowl near the tank and lift the toilet. Set it on newspaper to prevent scratching the floor.

  7. Remove the wax ring

    The wax ring prevents leaks at the floor. Remove the ring using a putty knife.