How Do I Remove Tipp-Ex From Wood?


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For a hard surface, such as wood, Jo Johnson, writing for Stain Expert, recommends letting the spilled Tipp-Ex dry completely and then trying to scrape it off. Tipp-Ex, also called "white-out" or "liquid paper," is a white fluid that rapidly dries to an opaque white smooth surface. Jo Johnson says that Tipp-Ex is hard to remove from any surface and may leave some residue.

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If, after scraping, there is still residual Tipp-Ex visible on the wood, try using vinegar to try to remove the rest. There are commercially available Tipp-Ex solvents and Tipp-Ex stain removers, but great care should be used with these chemicals. Their fumes are dangerous to breathe, and the products should only be used in well-ventilated areas. Also, they may remove the varnish and paint on the wood along with the Tipp-Ex, and they may permanently damage some surfaces and fabrics. Test the remover in an inconspicuous area on the wood to see how it may react with any shellac or surface coating.

Matt Oden, writing for Remove Stains, adds the warning to not attempt to wipe off the Tipp-Ex until it dries because the solvent in the correction fluid can dissolve the wood's finish. After scraping off the dried Tipp-Ex, use a little rubbing alcohol to try to remove any remaining residue.

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