How Do You Remove a Tile?

One way to remove a tile is to cover the tile with a towel and break it using a sledgehammer. Use a hand scraper to scrape off the broken particles, and clean the area. You need a sledgehammer, hand scraper, a towel, a broom and flashlight to complete this task.

  1. Break the tile

    Cover the tile with a towel to prevent shards from flying up. Using a sledgehammer, strike the tile through the towel to break the tile into pieces. Apply several strikes to ensure all parts of the tile are broken. Lift off the towel occasionally to check the condition of the tile as you progress.

  2. Scrape the tile, and clean the surface.

    Once the tile is adequately broken, remove the towel, and use a hand scraper to scrape the broken tile to remove the remaining pieces and the floor adhesive. Sweep off the tile pieces using a broom. You can use a power-scraper instead of hand scraper.

  3. Check for bumps

    Switch on the flashlight, hold the light parallel to the surface, and look for the shadows cast by the bumps. Scrape the bumps off, and sweep the surface again. If needed, fill in any gouges to make the surface smooth.