How Do You Remove Super Glue From Plastic?

To remove super glue from plastic, apply a small amount of acetone, nail polish remover or a de-bonding agent, then separate the glue from the plastic.

Super glue is marketed under numerous commercial names, such as Krazy Glue and Loctite, but the same chemicals dissolve all types of super glue.

Wear gloves when working with super glue and powerful chemicals, such as acetone, as they can adhere to the skin or burn it.

  1. Apply a de-bonding agent
  2. A de-bonding agent breaks the adhesion between the plastic and the super glue. Acetone is the most popular remedy. It is found in its pure form as well as in other products, such as nail polish remover. However, acetone's powerful chemical properties can damage or melt certain types of plastic, so test it first. If acetone is impractical or unavailable, other commercial de-bonding agents can be found in hardware and hobbyist stores. Look for products containing the ingredient nitromethane.
  3. Remove the superglue
  4. In some cases, the acetone or de-bonding agent will dissolve the glue, leaving no further work. However, it might be necessary to scrape or sand the glue until the plastic is completely clean. Work in a well-ventilated area, re-applying the de-bonding agent as often as necessary to completely remove the super glue.