How Do You Remove Super Glue From Your Hands?


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Remove superglue from hands by soaking them in a bowl filled with nail polish remover containing acetone. Do not force the skin apart, but use a spoon or other item to roll it apart gently. Once the skin is free, wash hands with soap and water.

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  1. Fill a bowl with nail polish remover

    Check the ingredients of the remover to ensure it contains acetone, and pour it into a nonplastic bowl that is large enough to soak the parts of the hands with glue. Work in a well-ventilated area to allow acetone fumes to dissipate.

  2. Soak the hands

    Do not attempt to force the skin apart, as this can cause painful ripping of the skin. Submerse the affected area in the acetone. Allow it to dissolve the glue for several minutes. As the glue begins to soften, use a spoon or other blunt object to roll the skin apart. You may need to separate some of the glued skin and then soak longer to release more glue.

  3. Wash the hands with soap and water

    Remove the acetone from hands by washing with soap and water. Acetone is very drying to the skin, so consider moisturizing hands with a high-quality hand lotion after removing the glue.

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