How You Remove Sulfur From Well Water?


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To remove sulfur from well water, install a manganese greensand filter or any other compliant particulate filter. In some cases, it may be necessary to pump chlorine into the well water before treating it with a particulate filter, and then use an additional activated charcoal filter to remove the chlorine. Some back washing filtration systems also remove sulfur from well water effectively.

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Before adding any chemicals to well water, getting an accurate water test performed is the first and most crucial step to treating drinking water problems. A certified well water expert may discover other particles or chemicals present in the well water, making standard filtration options invalid or unsafe.

In general, well owners can treat sulphurous water by using a manganese greensand filter that uses potassium permanganate to remove sulfur from the water. When high levels of hydrogen sulphide are present in the well water, it may be necessary to inject chlorine into the water, breaking the hydrogen sulphide molecules into hydrogen and sulfur. Then, well owners can use two filters in tandem to reliably clean the water.

Another option for removing sulfur from well water is using a back washing treatment system. Provided the well water system does not use a jet pump, a mechanical back washing system, also called an air injection system, can eliminate sulfur, iron and turbidity without treating the water with chemicals.

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