How Do You Remove a Stuck Shower Head?

How Do You Remove a Stuck Shower Head?

To take a stuck shower head off, protect the surface of the shower head, and use a wrench to loosen it. Corrosion that takes place along the threads can make the head stick in place, and if the shower head was installed too tightly, it may be stuck.

  1. Protect the surface of the shower head

    Use painter's tape or masking tape to cover the surface of the shower head near the rear, or where it screws on to the pipe. Applying a wrench to the shower head can gouge the metal if there is no protection.

  2. Shut off the water

    Turn the water off completely at the shower spigot. Do not turn the water off to the whole house, as water does not come through to the shower if the spigot is turned off, even if the head has been taken off.

  3. Loosen the shower head with a wrench

    Adjust a wrench so that it fits snugly on the outside of the shower head close to the point where it attaches to the pipe. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the head, and take it away as soon as the head begins to move. Finish unscrewing the head by hand.