How Do You Remove Sticky Stuff Off Glass?

How Do You Remove Sticky Stuff Off Glass?

How Do You Remove Sticky Stuff Off Glass?

To remove unsightly marks on glass, such as those left by stickers, tape or other adhesives, a simple mixture of oil, water and plastic wrap may be effective. For the oil, try baby oil, vegetable oil or orange oil, which can be found at the grocery store near the furniture polish. This process, while effective, does take some time and works best overnight. It avoids any toxic or unnatural compounds, such as the chemicals found in acetone nail polish remover or automotive products that are commonly used to clean such tough stains.

  1. Generously apply hot water to the adhesive residue spots

    Apply very hot tap water to the spot or spots using a cloth or sponge.

  2. Add a layer of orange, vegetable or baby oil, and cover the spot or spots with plastic wrap

    Carefully pour a few drops of the oil of your choice onto the hot water already applied to the spot, then cover the mixture completely with plastic wrap.

  3. Let the mixture sit overnight, covered

    Keep the plastic wrap in place, and allow it to sit overnight.

  4. Remove the plastic wrap

    After allowing the mixture to sit overnight, the adhesive residue should slide right off. If it does not, rub the spot to remove any remaining residue.