How Do You Remove Stickers From Glass?


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To remove stickers from glass, apply a solvent to the sticker, allow it to work and then scrape the remains of the sticker from the glass. Avoid using razors on glass since they can scratch glass easily.

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Some stickers do not peel easily off of glass. Some may even tear and leave just the glue behind.

  1. Spray lubricating fluid
  2. Spray a lubricating fluid, such as WD-40, directly onto the sticker. Allow the liquid to saturate the sticker for several minutes.
  3. Scrape the sticker
  4. Scrape the sticker away from the glass with a plastic straight-edged item. Expired gift cards work well for this purpose. The plastic edge is straight, but it will not harm the glass.
  5. Evaluate the situation
  6. Examine the glass and make sure that all of the sticker and the glue are removed. If not, move on to another solvent.
  7. Apply oil to the area
  8. Apply an oil to the sticker or to the glue remaining on the glass. Lighter oils such as vegetable oil, baby oil or even mineral oil all work well. Let the oil remain on the area overnight.
  9. Scrape the sticker again
  10. Scrape the sticker and the glue again and make sure that all of it is removed from the glass.
  11. Clean the glass
  12. Once the sticker is removed, clean any remaining oils or solvents from the glass. Use warm, soapy water for jars or glasses and use glass cleaner for windows.
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