How do you remove static from clothes?


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To remove static from clothes, add a fabric softener sheet to loads of clothes in the dryer, swipe a metal hanger over clothes with extra static and spray clingy clothes with hairspray or a solution of fabric softener and water. This process takes only minutes and requires dryer sheets, hangers, hairspray and fabric softener.

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  1. Use dryer sheets

    Throw a fabric softener sheet into the dryer along with wet clothes at the beginning of the cycle. Alternatively, throw a damp washcloth into the dryer for the final 10 minutes of the cycle.

  2. Utilize metal hangers

    Brush clothes with a metal hanger to neutralize the electric charge.

  3. Spray clothes with hairspray

    For clothes that are clinging to the body because of static electricity, spray affected areas with hairspray or a mixture of fabric softener and water.

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