How Do You Remove Standing Water in a Flooded Basement?

To remove standing water in a flooded basement, make sure the water levels are safe and then remove the water with a wet-dry shop vacuum. Absorb any remaining liquid with mops or towels, run a dehumidifier and clean the space.

Use the following steps to remove water from a flooded basement.

  1. Check the water levels
  2. Before going into the basement, look at the water level. If the water has risen past the electrical outlets, call the fire department. Outlets that are submerged in water can cause electrocution.

  3. Vacuum up excess water
  4. Use a wet-dry shop vacuum to remove as much water as possible from the basement.

  5. Absorb the water
  6. Use mops and cloths to absorb the remaining standing water from the basement.

  7. Clear the space
  8. Clear items out of the basement to allow air to circulate. Replace any damaged drywall or carpeting.

  9. Run a dehumidifier
  10. Run a dehumidifier to help dry out the air and remove any remaining moisture.

  11. Clean the basement
  12. Wash the walls and floors with bleach and water to kill any mold spores in the basement. Wash all surfaces with a detergent or cleaner to get rid of dirt.

If the basement continually experiences flooding problems, install a sump pump or ensure that the existing sump pump is working.