How Do You Remove Stains From Linoleum?

How Do You Remove Stains From Linoleum?

Remove stains from linoleum flooring with a solution of borax and water. Sweep the floor to remove dirt and debris, then vigorously scrub stains with cleaning mixture. Spot-treat tough stains with rubbing alcohol followed by a clean-water rinse.

  1. Sweep the linoleum

    Remove loose dirt and debris before treating stains by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Do not apply wet cleaners until excess debris is removed, as dirt and grime may spread and create new stains when wet.

  2. Create the cleaning solution

    Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of borax with 2 quarts of hot water. Stir ingredients together until the borax is completely dissolved.

  3. Clean the floor

    Clean linoleum stains by dipping a soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution. Liberally wash the stains using a circular motion. Repeat until the stains are removed.

  4. Remove tough stains

    To remove tough stains, soak a cloth in rubbing alcohol, and dab the solution into the stain. Allow the alcohol to rest for several minutes before repeating. Continue until the stain is lifted away.

  5. Rinse with fresh water

    Rinse the linoleum by pouring fresh water into a bucket. Carefully pour the water onto the floor, and wipe clean with a dry mop or cloth.